We take very seriously our mission, to bring the best cultural experiences from around the world to our home town communities and students.
Our work began many years ago through affiliations with amazing organizations like The Miami Bach Society.
We are committed to expanding our mission to enrich the lives of South Floridians through our outreach programs and events.
Please consider becoming a part of this magnificent movement to keep the arts alive in our communities.
We look forward to your support, views and comments, and seeing you at our upcoming events.

Our Story

It is our vision to provide audiences the opportunity to experience, right in their own community, enlightening and entertaining events performed by world-renowned artists, while also incorporating into special programs comprised of local artists and students, offering them a professional platform to perfect their art.

A priority for this organization is our two-tier outreach program. First, an educational outreach program to area schools presented by visiting artists where students’ educations are enhanced through music. Often subjects such as languages, world history and geography are included in the presentations. Music is a perfect avenue to cultivate a young persons’ appetite for knowledge.

The second tier of the outreach is a hospital program; artists who are performing in the area will give short performances for the hospital population (patients and staff alike). It is our aim to provide much needed uplifting diversion for those who greatly need a respite to distract, de-stress, and regain energy.

Rise Kern

This organization was founded by Ms. Rise Kern, who relocated to Miami several years ago to serve as the Artistic Director of the Concert Association of Florida. Having been a Vice President of ICM Artists in New York, Kern specialized in touring foreign orchestras and soloists throughout the United States and American orchestras and soloists worldwide.

Her touring clients have included major international instrumental soloists and outstanding touring ensembles such as the Chicago Symphony, the Pittsburgh Symphony, New York City Ballet, Mummenschanz, The Chieftains, the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, the Ensemble Intercontemporain, among others. Ms Kern has been working in artist management concentrating in Latin America for 25 years. Her goal is to make Miami, as the gateway to Latin America, one of the most desired stops in the United States for presentations of the most outstanding and desired artists from all over the world.

Margie Lopez

Our General Manager, Ms. Margie Lopez has over 21 years experience in administrating non-profits.

She was formerly the Executive Director for The Miami Bach Society and under Ms. Lopez’s direction The Miami Bach Society developed “Bach to School” an outstanding outreach educational program which in 2017 served more than 5,000 Miami-Dade students.

Ms. Lopez brought with her the desire to continue to serve this community, making a perfect addition to this organization’s commitment to South Florida

Our Team
dedicated to the love of music and community



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